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In just 10 Minutes you can convert any shower space into a Steam Room for only $79! 
Then sit and enjoy the benefits of Steam and Sweat like you're in a Sauna. 
  Costs less than then 1ยข per minute to operate!
(total average* operating cost)


You may have to try it to believe it. 

  • Economic & Eco-Friendly 
  • Perfect Temp in 1 Minute!
  • Installs in 10 Minutes or less! 
  • No special tools needed 
  • Removable Mounting System (but you won't want to!) 
  • Fits in any shower or full bath! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


*Average Operating Costs

(and how they are calculated)

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If you've ever wanted your own private steam or sauna room, but just couldn't find the space or maybe the extra funds, well now you can very inexpensively, and you don't have to waste any valuable living space to do it!  

Even if you have the funds and the space, you owe it to yourself to try out this incredibly efficient new alternative. You have nothing to loose. Think about what else you can do with the money you'll save.

This patent pending system works almost like magic (it's actually science). You will be amazed how efficient it is. But we'll understand if you're thinking "to good to be true" - it does require some out-of-the-box thinking. That's why we are offering this with your satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.

 ~ Only $79~

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How Does It Work?

There are three main components.

A modidified Misting Shower Head creates and disperses the perfect amount of mist to maximize heat transfer from the hot water into the surrounding air and water vapor.

Then, with no moving parts, an internal Diverter System efficiently affects (diverts) excess hot water away from the user. It also creates an entrainment effect, further enhancing the heat transfer and disperment of the heat and water vapor (steam) circulating with-in the interior of the Enclosure.

The Enclosure might be described as a five-sided Shower Curtain (with a zipper incorporated for easy access). It contains the heat and steam efficiently with-in your shower space. The enclosure simply hangs from two shower walls with snap-in mounts that are attached with 3M's new water resistant removable CommandTM strip tape. The Enclosure is easily removed from the mounts in minutes. But the truth is, once you have it up and start enjoying it almost daily you won't want to take it down—and of course you won't have to.

The diverted mist and eventual minimal flow of cooler water (from heat transfer loss), flows out the Diverter bottom and Enclosure wall down to your shower drain.

The wonders of hydro-thermodynamics and entrainment take over and the internal temperature quickly raises to optimal steam shower temperatures.

Reaches Optimal Temperature in less than 1 minute.

For less than a minute, you'll have your hot water at a half to full flow rate. When the internal temperature reaches 111 to 120 degrees (typical steam room operating temperature range - depending on your preference), you can reduce the rate of hot water flow to a minimal flow - it will maintain the internal temperature. It's that efficient.

Another nice side benefit is that when you're ready to start cooling off you just lower the water temperature - and of course you are already in the shower to rinse off...! 

Safe Material, Efficiency, Zero Added Maintenance

The Enclosure is Made with a durable non-toxic PE material with no out-gassing.

With the internal temperature maintained at an average of 115 degrees, the external temperature (measured just three inches away from the outside of the Enclosure) averages just 75 degrees.

Cooling down, washing your hair, and showering off, is all done in the comfort of your Eco-Steam Room. You'll keep all the residual steam in the Enclosure too.

When you're done and step out you'll be amazed to see that your mirrors and walls will have no condensation. This added benefit (of keeping the moisture contained in the Enclosure) will actually help keep your wall tile and bathroom more free of mold or mildew from excessive moisture from normal showering.

Naturally produces and concentrates negative ions too!  Other patent pending features yet to be disclosed.

It's remarkably efficient, and you'll sweat like you're in a sauna! Read what Dr. Mercola has to say about the benefits of "hyperthermic conditioning".  


It's Eco-Friendly, and Economical. It requires no new plumbing or electrical connections, installs in minutes without any construction experience or special tools. And it is very energy efficient - it costs less then a penny per minute to operate, and of course it does not take up additional space in your home.

And it will only cost about the same as a good pair of jeans!

Related Background

Steam Showers and IR Sauna systems have been enjoying great growth in popularity for health benefits - both physical and mental, and for general relaxation.

The Problem(s) with a Conventional Steam Room or Sauna

  • High Initial Investment
  • Wastes time warming up
  • Wastes energy warming up
  • Wasted space, often displacing living areas
  • High Maintenance/Cleaning 

The prices range from a couple thousand dollars to over 10,000 dollars plus installation and construction for home use while taking up valuable living space. When you're done, you typically need to go to a separate room to shower off too.

The Easily Affordable Alternative

The Eco-Steam Room converts any ordinary shower space (whether a shower or full bathtub with shower head) into a steam shower space, quickly and inexpensively. A universal design will assure that it can fit in virtually any shower or bathtub shower area, and can be folded down or removed when not in use. It will make enjoying a steam shower an affordable luxury - especially with its low price, easy installation, and energy efficiency.


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