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Bottom Line - 17ยข for a 20 Minute Steam Bath!

Click on image below to see sample water bill:

Sample Water Heater Bill

How to Calculate Your Eco-Steam Operating Costs and Sample Calculation

Special Thanks to:

Pays To Be Green

Note: The calculations are result of Pays To Live Green's Shower Water and Energy Use Calculator.

Follow the link above to calculate costs in your area. It will provide a close estimate of the water and energy costs to operate the Eco-Steam Room.

In the sample (screen shot) to the left, you'll see I've entered information specific to my water heater and area, along with the water flow used in the Eco-Steam Room shower head to maintain 110-120 degrees (normal steam room operating temperature range).

If you "Google" it, you'll see 110 degrees typically cited as "normal steam room operating temperature". I personally like it hotter. So all my calculations are based on keeping it around 115 degrees on average.

The following is an explanation of each field of information by reference number:

1. Enter the number of minutes you typically like to take a steam bath or sauna. I happen to like to take longer sessions, so I entered 20 minutes.

2. The shower head water usage is based on the modified shower head included in the Eco-Steam Room. Measuring the flow of the water out of the head required to maintain 110-120 degrees ranges from .25 to .50 gallons per minute. I'm using .50 to be on the high side (worst case) of energy/water usage.

3. You'll find your water cost on your water bill. It's measured in cost per 1000 gallons. Click here to see my bill and where I pulled the $4.95 cost from.

4. Use the drop-down to set the energy type of your water heater (gas or electric).

5. Your state (use the drop down to select your state).

6. Will auto-populate based on your state.

7. Enter you water heater efficiency if you know it. Otherwise leave it at .59 which is average.

8. Starting point of water temp being heated. Again, this (55 degrees) is an average. If you know yours to be different, enter it.

9. Leave at Hot.

10. I've adjusted my water heater so that the hot water coming out of the shower head is at about 130 degrees when running at full flow (and Not on the mist setting which is used while steaming). I've found to be the most efficient.

For calculating your energy use I suggest you change the temperature to 130 degrees (again to be on the high end).

Warning: Be careful about not setting your water heater too high. You don't want to scald yourself or anyone else with hot water coming out of your shower or other faucets that is not familiar with it.